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What Your Dental Hygienist Wishes You Knew

What Your Dental Hygienist Wishes You Knew When it comes to good dental hygiene, dental hygienists are your cheerleaders. Neither your hygienist nor the dentist is here to make you feel bad or ashamed about having less-than-perfect teeth. However, our goal is to assist patients in maintaining optimal oral health. A dental hygienist is an
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How Does Invisalign Work?

How Does Invisalign Work? New Providence Dentistry provides cosmetic dental solutions for those hoping to improve their smiles. A popular smile enhancement treatment is Invisalign. Have you ever found yourself wondering “how does Invisalign work?”? You are in luck! Dr. Beth Herko explains below.  Smile Insecurities  If you’re unsure about your smile, you’re certainly not
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Signs You Should See an Emergency Dentist

5 Signs You Should See an Emergency Dentist With so many different kinds of dental problems, it can be difficult to determine when there is an emergency. In more serious cases, waiting for a day to see a New Providence dentist can be the difference between keeping your teeth or needing a tooth extraction. Not
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