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Invisalign Options For You

Suffering through a highly visible treatment isn’t the only way to get the beautiful smile you deserve. At New Providence Dentistry, we offer Invisalign. Clear aligners gently shift the teeth into a perfectly straight position, improving a patient’s appearance as well as the overall health of their smile. There’s no longer a need for clunky, brackets and wires to get the smile you’ve always wanted. See if Invisalign is right for you with a consultation today.

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How Invisalign Works

After an initial consultation with Dr. Herko, she’ll determine whether Invisalign is the right treatment for you, and then begin creating a custom treatment plan. We’ll take impressions of your teeth and send them to Invisalign labs, where your custom aligners will be made. The aligners are nearly invisible, and as you wear them, you’ll see your smile gradually straighten. Most patients complete treatment in about a year, but the benefits of Invisalign last a lifetime.

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Benefits of Invisalign

Treatment that’s barely noticeable is an obvious perk of Invisalign. And patients also agree that aligners are more comfortable than traditional metal braces because there are no brackets or wires to poke and prod the mouth. But using a removable appliance to straighten teeth allows you to maintain your oral hygiene with fewer adjustments. Just remove the aligners while eating, brushing and flossing, and carry on as usual. It’s that simple.


How to Use Invisalign

As long as you wear your aligners for at least 20-22 hours per day, your treatment will stay on track. Switch out your aligners every two weeks for a new set, and see Dr. Herko every six weeks so she can ensure you’re progressing properly. She’ll adjust your treatment if necessary to get your smile where it needs to be, but the best way to get the smile you want quickly is to wear your aligners diligently.

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Questions About Invisalign?

Dr. Herko and the friendly staff of New Providence Dentistry is always available to answer questions and make sure you’re well informed about your treatment. Call our office at (908) 376-9297 to schedule an appointment today, or stop by at 571 Central Ave, Suite 100, New Providence, NJ 07974. We look forward to meeting you!

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